Allied Group Holdings Limited, Labuan, Malaysia, are owners of multifaceted businesses located around the globe and are equipped to avail benefits from the rapidly changing dynamics of the global economic and socio-economic climate.

The diversity of our operation through a multiplicity of companies we hold, each with an independent and unique revenue structure, is our core strength. With decades of experience in trading and financial management areas, we understand the pulse and drift of the markets we operate in and therefore have the capacity, capability and competence to navigate any enterprise to success.

Allied Group Holdings Limited has evolved with the distinct philosophy of amalgamating strengths of various, seemingly unconnected business activities to viably synergize economic growth in any economy. Optimization of productivity and revenues have remained the core objectives, which enabled the successful establishment of trading, media, services, insurance and asset management companies in various countries spread across Europe, Asia and North America.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We not only pledge to the regions we conduct business in but also promise our firm commitment as a responsible corporate entity who is dedicated to make a positive impact on improving peoples’ lives. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy is strongly aligned with our core business philosophy of creating sustainable social value for our stakeholders.

Our team features experienced, hands-on practitioners in advisory technology, program administration, and middle-office consulting. Like you, we have spent our careers building and managing our own client relationships, as well as administering retail advisory programs for our firms.

We are custodian agnostic so that individuals and firms can integrate with the custody platform(s) they choose or inherit.

As an employee-owned company, our focus is helping investment advisory firms, banks, and trust companies implement retail advisory technology.

Our goal is to enable the successful adoption, comprehensive use, and benefit of the Envestnet suite of investment management, financial planning, compliance, and data integration tools.


We match human resource natural resource in order to create economic autarchy.

At Allied, we understand that the world is not perfect. In the current economic climate, countries and businesses tend to avoid traditional practices and instead prefer tailor made solutions which meet specific objectives and goals. We firmly believe that global economic and socio-economic prosperity relies upon empowering institutions to remain profitable sustainably, even in the wake of an economic downturn.

Allied works tirelessly to provide customized services and solutions to Governments and large institutions alike, in accordance with our confidentiality policy. Our mission is to provide these entities with the asset management and investment solutions that can enable them to securely manage large-scale risks and thereby achieve sustainable economic growth.

Our Strategy

Allied’s strategy is implemented across various markets and sectors on the basis of scientific methods and precision risk analysis of local, regional, and global market dynamics.


Mirza Shahnawaz Agha was born in August of 1950, into a family of immigrant traders, and was brought up in the former East Pakistan; He went to the first cadet college in the country then and post-graduation in commerce studied Islamic Jurisprudence as an apprentice to Dr. Muhammad Said Al-Awadi from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,; He has had a career in trade and industry from the age of 18 and heads a few enterprises today; To his credit are four books; “A rendezvous with Destiny”, “First Feelers”, “Decisive Edge” and “What is this thing called Religion for God sake” and many articles as a research scholar. He has been a active contributor to a reputed newspaper on political economy and social issues. A research scholar, he is very well travelled and exposed.


Mirza Salman Agha is one of the Director of Allied Group Holdings He holds an extensive experience of over 20 years in Fire and Safety, Project Management and Advisory Markets. He currently heads the operations of Gold assurance and Allied Insurance PCC both being the subsidiaries of Allied Group Holdings Ltd.


Mr. Anwar Khan is the consultant CFO of Allied Group. He is a listed Chartered Accountant by profession and is an active member of ICAP – Pakistan. He manages the taxation and handles the Audit of the Group and all its subsidiaries.


She holds a Bachelor Degree from Malaysia and possess an extensive experience in managing diversified human resource of allied group as well managing the administrative affairs of the company.