Depending on the requirement of the collateral’s end-user and regulatory requirements in the region of their operations, we provide engineered solutions that perfectly align with our customers’ needs. As an example, these solutions can take the form of:

•Financial Guarantee
•Trust arrangement

We collaborate actively with our banking/non-banking partners to ensure that our customers’ benefit from sustained financing solutions.

Sovereign Entities

In times of low investor confidence in sovereign borrowing, we provide collateralization solutions that are usable for large-scale financing requirements. Our solutions can help enhance credit quality of financial instruments, lower bond yields, stimulate growth thereby reducing the debt repayment burden and initiate self-sustainable economic stability.

Commercial Entities

Financing requirements for commercial projects is on the rise, as economies turn to local growth for strength. However, the high costs and complexities of borrowing makes it difficult for institutions to implement projects in a cost effective and timely manner. Our collateralized instruments can provide the solutions required to attain the project financing targets of our customers’.

We provide securities on a multi-year and structural basis for increasing the capacity of reinsurance entities. All securities are collateralized by the physical value of precious metals, the AU metal being the preference. The type of instrument to be subrogated/assigned for the duration of the agreement is carefully determined once the instruments regulatory acceptability has been confirmed in the country/region of domicile of the reinsurance entity.

The implementations of regulatory requirements imposed on lending institutions have increased the cost of borrowing and reduced the options available to a borrower. Furthermore, the follow-through effect of these regulations have resulted in low credit quality of borrowers and excess liquidity for lenders. Our capital solutions ensure that institutions are not only empowered with the credit quality they need but also that they have enough high quality collateral available for themselves to be able to meet their financing requirements.


Although the concept of captive insurance has been around for many years, it has recently seen a swift rise in popularity among the global insurance community for the numerous benefits it offers. Some of the benefits our customers reap from opting for the captive management program are:

•Reduced operating costs and improved cash flows
•Increased capacity and coverage
•Tailored capacity and coverage solutions
•Underwriting flexibility
•Increased control over claims and losses
•Tax relief

Allied Asset Management Services Limited, in collaboration with our partners in Asia, is able to provide a rental captive by means of which our customers can reap the benefits of a captive without undergoing the financial and implementation burdens of incorporating it.


In seeking investment from the public at large, in the form of a bond floatation (i.e. creating a debt to generate capital and pay a yield to the investor) or public offering (i.e. selling shares of the company and increasing shareholders), the modalities and legal requirements may largely vary but the concept remains the same: planning the floatation to the last detail, positioning it perfectly for investors’ response and managing the processes.

Designing, managing and marketing a floatation is a process that requires extensive planning with due attention given to the most intricate details. It not only includes the principle decision to opt for a public floatation, but also structuring the company, its strengths and products, meeting regulatory requirements, developing the public memorandum, identifying the right partners, including bankers, auditors, marketers, advertisers etc. and only then comes the curtain raiser: the Floatation.

Allied Asset Management Services Limited offers professional Public Offering Management services in both pre and pro Floatation area, in various capacities, as either Financial Services Managers, Asset Managers, or in the combined role of Financial Services Managers and Asset Managers.

•We offer consultation and advisory in the pre- floatation processes and help companies to gear up to meet the marketing, management, financial and legal requirements while also establishing whether a floatation is the perfect solution for the company.
•We identify and coordinate with the assigned banks, underwriters, accountants and agencies; thus guaranteeing efficient management of the processes.
•We develop Floatation Documents and help identify the strengths to be highlighted to make the offer more successful.
•When acting in the capacity of Asset Managers we offer Capital Support and Collateralization services to companies, in order to meet the legal and regulatory requirements for Floatation.

In our post floatation services, we offer asset management services to our customers to maximize the future growth potential through investments made by the fund generated through the floatation. Our customized solutions offer our customers secure and lucrative opportunities for generating higher returns on investment and optimum utilization of capital at minimal risk and maximum freedom.


Identifying the right partners and service providers plays as important a role in the success of any business as the business itself. Having decades of experience in the financial field, and a vast network of associates, and we offer Liaison and Intermediary services to our customers in all areas of operations pertaining to financial management, which include (but are not limited to):

•Facilitating the execution of re/insurance requirements (performance bonds, re/insurance guarantees and sundry re/insurance covers)*;
•Securing credit facilities most suited to the requirements of our customers at reasonable terms and rates providing consultancy on lending processes and conditions, identifying the banks or lending institutions and processing applications;
•Facilitating auditory, regulatory, valuation and due diligence requirements.
* We do not provide re/insurance brokerage services for risk placement.