Emerald MBE

MBE is a leading third-party provider of shipping, fulfillment, print and marketing solutions to small and medium enterprises (“SME”) and consumers globally mainly via a network of independently owned and operated franchised locations.


Incorporated in 1980 in San Diego, California, Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) is an expedient alternative to conventional post offices.

After years of quality service, MBE has transformed into world’s largest franchise networks in retail shipping, postal, printing and business service centres. Globally, there are more than 1,600 operating centres in over 30 countries, providing convenient and value-added business services to the small-office/home-office (SOHO) market, corporate “road warriors,” and general consumers. MBE offers a variety of courier, postal, digital printing, document and business services, with convenient locations and world-class service. The mailbox & mail forwarding services offered by MBE speak volumes of the determination we put in our work to offer convenient solutions to our customers. In 2011, Entrepreneur® ranked MBE business service franchise network number 1 in the category of postal and business services category for the 21st consecutive year.

Founded in the year 2003, MBE Malaysia features over 90 outlets throughout the country and is rapidly expanding, offering value and convenience wherever it operates. MBE, in Malaysia, retail shipping, postal printing, and business service centres offer convenient parcel pickup, drop off and return services throughout the country.


Mailbox & Mail Forwarding Services offered by MBE are like having a personal assistant in charge of your mailbox. No more waiting hours for courier pick-ups or to receive an important letter or package. No more worrying about theft or the rain flooding your mailbox.

With MBE’s professionally managed mailboxes, you get easy access to your mail, and a budget-friendly alternative to renting an office that lets you perform other tasks all in one convenient location.

It also eliminates the need for office supplies and services. Moreover, you can easily avail the document services to make management of documents easier.

Plus, you get a prestigious business address while your real address stays private. If you live outstation or travel for extended periods, you’ll also appreciate the ability to forward your mail to anywhere in the world, anytime.

Fully serviced P.O. Box with a real street address

Package notification – we’ll let you know when your packages arrive via email

Call-in MailCheck™

Mail forwarding

Package acceptance from all courier services

Different mailbox sizes and capacities to suit your needs

Looking for a packaging solution? You don’t have to worry at all. You can find plenty of packing peanuts and other essential packing items at MBE.

If your box won’t fit, we have corrugated boxes in 9 different sizes that probably will. If you’re sending a delicate object, we have bubble wrap and packing foam to make sure your shipment arrives in one piece.

So if you don’t have the right packing materials, don’t worry. Just head down to MBE where you can pack and ship, all in one convenient location. What else can you ask for?

Foam Peanuts

MBE, in all Malaysia Courier Services, offer Foam peanuts to help protect fragile items during shipment. Without these, your package may experience potentially damaging shocks and vibrations during transit. You’ll find foam peanuts at most MBE outlets for your convenience.

Bubble Wrap

Like foam peanuts, bubble wrap provides your fragile items added protection. Bubble wrap is air-filled hemispheres that provide cushioning for a safe and secure delivery – the bigger the “bubbles”, the more shock absorption they provide. Bubble wrap is available at a number of MBE outlets at affordable prices.

If it’s document-related, you can get it done here. We provide complete print and copy services, in both black and white and colour. Need a copy from a file on a USB thumbdrive? No problem. We’ll work from almost any media source, from hard copy originals, DVDs or CD-ROMs to email. No minimum copy requirements to tax your pocket either.

Don’t know how or simply don’t have the time to print a batch of copies yourself? Just leave us to manage your print job and come back later to pick it up. We also carry a wide range of paper stocks and colours to add interest or impact to any document.

For everything else,
>Colour and B&W photocopying
>Digital colour and B&W printing
>Customised business card printing
>Offset printing
>Paper supplies

Stay in touch on the go with our full range of communication services. Our internet-ready computers are available at reasonable rates for any last minute email checks or online references. Computer rental & internet access services are available at reasonable rates. Sending and receiving faxes is also a breeze with our domestic and international fax services.

Computer time rental
with Internet access

Domestic and international
fax services – sending
and receiving

IDD cards and E-Pay reloads
for sale in-store

As the emerging market of the e-Commerce industry, we at MBE believed our PUDO services will be a total solution for your business in facing current challenges and also catering the diverse needs.

PUDO at MBE means Pick-Up, Drop-Off and Return Point and these are all available at our MBE centres. With our specially designed services, you don’t have to worry at all.

At MBE, our expertise and experiences are our core strength with more than 70 centres nationwide, open 7 days a week, located in prime areas, shopping malls, petrol stations, and strategic retail location.